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Chalk & Cheese

People often ask me what makes Shiggle different from all of the other gambling operators out there.

Chalk & Cheese

The short answer is that Shiggle is social gambling and everyone else is mercantile gambling.

Unfortunately, this answer is rarely enough because most people have lost sight of the fact that social gambling and mercantile gambling are very different things. They are like chalk & cheese.

What is Social Gambling?

"Gambling is a principle inherent in human nature."

Edmund Burke

Social gambling takes place between two or more parties with all parties having an equal opportunity to win.

This form of gambling is typically a social event between friends. The games are slower and last longer while providing entertainment value for participants and spectators alike.

Throughout history, social gambling has not only been tolerated but actively encouraged by various cultures as a means of redistributing wealth and building relationships between neighbours.

What is Mercantile Gambling?

Mercantile gambling, or commercial gambling, is a numbers game. The only way to guarantee consistent returns in gambling is to have an unfair advantage.

This started out as tricksters and con artists blatantly cheating and gradually turned into the "house" providing unfair games of chance in return for the thrill of the gamble.

These games tend to be much faster and more addictive as the operator relies on volume in order to cash in on their slight edge.

These games are indubitably unfair, can easily lead to harm for players and as a result have always been targeted by lawmakers.


Would you fight Mike Tyson if you had to wear a blindfold and he didn't?

Would you race against Usain Bolt and give him a 10 meter head start?

These ideas sound crazy yet this is exactly what people do when they bet against the house.

The house has more money, better information, and far more experience. Yet they set the rules, and they dictate the odds.

What if you could set the rules and choose who you play against? And invite all your friends to join in?

Shiggle is a social network where players can connect and socialize whilst betting in a fun, fair, and transparent environment.

And betting should be fun! It should be fair! And social betting can have a positive impact on society.

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